If you suffer from dry, uncomfortable eyes  – fear not! Dry eyes are an extremely common condition, but it can be extremely irritating and effect your day to day life nevertheless. Dry eyes occur as a result of insufficient amounts of quality tears. This can either be due to the eyes not producing enough tears, or not producing tears that are of a high enough quality to lubricate the eyes properly. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there to treat the symptoms of dry eye. Warm compresses, various eye proceedures, and at home remedies such as taking breaks while using the computer are popular ways to treat dry eye. The most common remedy, however, is lubricating eye products. Read on to learn about our recommended eye products to treat dry eye.

Systane Balance

Systane Balane lubricating eye drops are clinical strength drops that restore the eye’s natural moisture by restoring the eye’s lipid layer. The drops target all three layers of the tear film to replenish the eye’s moisture.

Refresh Optive

Refresh Optive has two active ingredients to provide long lasting relief of the symptoms of dry eye. These drops are safe to use as often as needed throughout the day.

Refresh Plus

Refresh Plus contains no preservatives and is sold in single use vials. These drops are especially recommended to relieve dryness after Lasik surgery.

Systane Ointment

Systane Ointment provides long lasting night time relief of dry eye symptoms with a preservative free formula that is applied to the eyes before bedtime.