When you think eye test, what comes to mind? Is it those types of tests that you have to schedule an appointment for, or do you think more about fun online tests and games related to eye testing? Do not fear, we have prepared both options for you today. We are going to be looking at some of the most common eye tests out there – the type you have to go to the doctor to take – and at some online tests that can save you time and money, and also entertain you in the process. Let’s get to it, we have a lot to talk about!

The Most Common Eye Tests Performed During an Eye Exam

Before you schedule an appointment for an eye examination, it is natural that you want to know what to expect. Even if some people fear going to the eye doctor, we can assure you that every single eye test you might have to take will be pain free. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what are the most common eye tests that a doctor might ask you to take during an eye examination.


These devices are used to automatically estimate your eyeglass prescription. You will put your chin in a chin rest and look into the instrument at some detailed image or small circle of light. It only takes a few seconds and the results are extremely accurate.

Color Blindness Test

This eye test is usually performed at the beginning of your eye examination, and as the title suggests, it is designed to tell if you suffer from color blindness or not. The doctor will be able to tell if the issue is hereditary or if is related to the health of your eyes.

Visual Acuity Test

This is a very standard type of test that simply determines how sharp your vision is and if you need to get glasses or not. You usually get two types of charts covered with letters and numbers, one that you can hold in your hand and test your near vision, and one that is on a screen far away in front of you and which tests your distance vision.


This eye test is used in order for the doctor to get the approximative eyeglass prescription suited for you. He/she will dim the lights in the room and will ask you to focus on the largest letter on the chart, while they will shine a light in your eyes and flip some lenses in front of you. This will determine which one of the lenses makes your vision better.


This is a more exact eyeglass prescription test, where the doctor puts an apparatus carrying two lenses in front of both of your eyes. You will be asked which from a series of lenses is the one that makes you see clearer.

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Cover Test

If the doctor wants to see how your eyes work together, he will most likely ask you to take a cover test. You will be asked to look at a small object that is far away, while the doctor will alternatively cover your eyes. Then the same thing will happen, but you will be focusing on an object really close to you instead.


This eye test is also called a Depth Perception Test, and it relates to your ability to perceive 3-dimensional objects. One of the common ways of testing this is by you wearing a pair of 3D glasses and looking at several patterns that contain 4 circles each. What you have to do is say which of the 4 circles seems the closest to you. If you are correct, that means you have very good normal depth perception skills.

Ocular Motility

Ocular motility is another term for eye movements. This eye test is able to establish how well you can follow a moving object, or move your eyes between two separate objects and be able to accurately fixate on them. There are two types of eye movements that the doctor can ask you to test: the smooth eye movements and the quick eye movements.

Visual Field

In order to check if you have blind spots in your peripheral vision or not, your doctor might want you to take this test. It is a really useful test, since it can check for brain damage or glaucoma.

Glaucoma Test

When it comes to this eye test, the first thing the doctor does is to measure the pressure inside your eyes, usually using the “puff-of-air” test. But do not worry, it is completely painless. Depending on how resistant your eye is to that puff of air, a machine will show your intraocular pressure. If it is too high, you might have glaucoma.

Pupil Dilation

Your doctor might need your pupils to be more dilated in order for him to get a better view of the eye’s internal structure. He will put some drops into your eyes and then use certain tools to look at them. The effect of the drops can last for a few hours, they will make you more sensitive to light, and can cause you to have difficulties focusing on objects.

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Slit Lamp

This eye test is used to examine the structure of your eyes while being under magnification. You will have to place your forehead and chin into a microscope for the doctor to examine your cornea, iris, eyelids, and so on. This test is extremely useful, as it can detect cataracts, corneal ulcers, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degenerations.

Online Eye Tests

For people who do not have the time to make an appointment and see an eye doctor, there are plenty of websites that provide you with varied eye tests. However, it is of course recommendable to see an actual doctor, especially if you see any signs that might concern you when taking such online tests. We have prepared a small collection of some of the best online eye tests out there. Let’s take a look!

Essilor Eye Tests

Essilor is a company that provides multiple types of eye tests that you can take online, from the comfort of your own home. Some of these tests include:

  • Myopia Test: It helps you discover if you are suffering either from myopia or hyperopia.
  • Far Vision Test: It measures your visual acuteness in case you are concerned that you might start to have issues seeing things that are not close to you.
  • Near Vision Test: If you can hardly focus on reading small print, why not test your near vision with this online eye test?
  • Astigmatism Test: If you have trouble reading or driving at night, this test might be useful to check for astigmatism.
  • Ishihara Test: Used to check for daltonism, now you can take this test online.

ZEISS Online Vision Screening Check

This vision screening test provided by ZEISS is divided into three parts: the Visual Acuity Check, the Contrast Vision Check, and the Colour Vision Check. The first part of this free online eye test is designed to simulate testing of your visual performance, the second part aims to check if you are having issues with your contrast vision that might cause eye fatigue, and the last part is based on color charts that will help you check for color blindness.

Free Online Eye Exam from EyeTestNow

If you feel like you are experiencing minor sight issues that are not worth a trip to the doctor yet, you can try this online eye test. If you cannot focus while reading, if you get headaches, if you can’t read road signs, and so on, this test might be a good option for you, at least until you seek medical advice.

Prokerala Eye Tests

Prokerala is another website that provides you with several different eye tests that can be taken online and are completely free. Here are the options they have:

  • Astigmatism Test
  • Color Blindness Test
  • Visual Acuity Test

EnChroma Color Vision Test

This online eye test aims to check for the most common color vision deficiencies. You can find out if you have a mild, moderate, or strong color vision deficiency, or if you suffer from a red-green color blindness, and you can do all that without having to go to the doctor.

Eye Test Games

Finally, for people who are just looking to experiment with some eye tests, but also like to be as entertained as possible when in front of their phones or computers, there are some eye test games out there that might satisfy your needs.

For instance, there is the 5 Minute Eye Test that present itself as a puzzle game that hides sets of letters and number on each level. You have 5 minutes to solve them, and if your eye sight is good, you can go really far into this game.

Another such game is called The Vision Test, and it aims to confuse you as much as possible, while also entertaining you and helping you tell if you have any problems with your eyes that you should attend to.

Eye Tests Summed up

Whether you are looking to see what you can expect now that you’ve finally decided to go to an eye exam, or you just want to test your eyes while sitting on your couch and also getting entertained, we hope this collection of eye tests, be they online or not, will do the trick. However, make sure to remember that none of the online tests can actually replace a doctor’s consult, so if you are really struggling with your vision, contact a physician as quickly as possible. If you only want to have some fun, try these online eye tests, and let us know how that went for you.

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