Most people never really give much thought to cleaning their eyelids until they experience irritation or another issue. Cleaning with regular soap or shampoo is not enough since it won’t eliminate bacteria and might irritate your eyes and eyelids.

You can clean and disinfect your eyelids with lid scrubs and cleaners. These products can help with different health problems that affect eyelids and will make a difference if you need to improve eye hygiene for any reason.

What Are the Different Types of Lid Scrubs and Cleaners?

There are different types of scrubs and cleaners, and you will find that ingredients serve different purposes. Your doctor will probably recommend a specific product or ingredient if you need to use one of these products to address a health concern.

There are the different types of lid scrubs and cleaners:

  • Medicated pads.
  • Foam that you can directly apply to the area.
  • Liquid cleaner that you should apply with a pad or cotton ball.

Medicated pads are the most convenient option if you need to keep your eyelids clean throughout the day and want a product you can use at work or while you are on the go.
Pads or cotton balls are ideal if you need to remove debris and oil that accumulate on your eyelids.

The main benefit of using a foam cleaner is that these products typically include hydrating ingredients. Use a foam cleaner if you notice dry skin around your eyes or need to address irritation.

Who Should Use Lid Scrubs or Cleaners?

The primary purpose of these products is to eliminate bacteria, debris, and oil that build up on your eyelids. Bacteria and debris can end up in your eyes or cause skin irritation.

You need to use lid scrubs or cleaners if you suffer from a medical condition that affects these glands. You can benefit from using a lid cleaner if you have developed a skin problem around the eyes or need to improve eyelid hygiene for any other reason.

If you are constantly rubbing your eyes, experience a foreign body sensation or notice that you have red or dry eyes, start using a lid cleaner. Schedule a doctor’s appointment so you can determine what is causing these symptoms.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Patients who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) should use lid scrubs regularly. These glands secrete an oil that coats the eye and prevent tears and moisture from evaporating.

If the glands do not produce enough oil, moisture evaporates too quickly, and the patient develops dry eyes. Symptoms usually include red eyes, itchiness, and blurred vision.

Clogged gland ducts often cause MGC. Glands become clogged when debris and oil build up. Using lid scrubs or cleaners will help clear the gland ducts and prevent this condition from returning.


Blepharitis is similar to MGC, and unmanaged blepharitis can lead to MGC. This is a condition in which the eyelid becomes inflamed.

Eyelid inflammation is usually caused by a bacterial infection or by another problem with the Meibomian glands. This Condition can happen at the same time as MGC, pink eye or psoriasis.

You will experience a burning sensation in your eyes and will probably find debris in your eyelashes. Irritated eyes and itchiness are other common symptoms.

Using medicated pads or another type of lid cleaners will help remove debris. If you suffer from blepharitis, look for a scrub or cleaner that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Demodex is a genus of mites naturally found in hair. These mites are harmless unless they are present in unusually high numbers.

Demodicosis is a type of mite infestation. You need to address this issue as quickly as possible since these mites can cause itching, burning, blurry vision and make the lid margin look red. These mites can also spread to other areas and cause more skin problems.

Your doctor will probably prescribe an oral treatment and might need to manually remove the mites and dandruff. You will also need to adopt a better hygiene to keep the infestation from spreading. This includes using a lid cleaner several times a day to disinfect the area and eliminate the mites.

Tea tree oil is the most efficient ingredient against Demodex. This essential oil helps with inflammation, cleanses the skin around your eyes and keeps the mites away from the affected area.

How to Choose the Right Lid Scrub or Cleaner

Don’t wait until you develop severe symptoms before starting to use one of these medicated products. These products are good for your hygiene and will help with itchiness, irritation and other symptoms.

You should also start using a cleaner if your eyes often feel dry, if you often find debris in your eyelashes, or notice inflammation on your eyelid.

Here are a few things to check when selecting a lid scrub or cleaner:

  • Look for a product that is easy to transport and apply since you will need to use it several times a day.
  • Medicated pads and a cleaner you can apply with a pad or cotton ball are best if you want to remove oil build-ups and debris.
  • Look for hydrating ingredients if the skin around your eyes is dry and irritated.
  • Look for anti-inflammatory agents if you notice that your eyelid is red and swollen.
  • Remember that tea tree oil is crucial if you need to get rid of Demodex mites.
  • You can use more than one product if you need to address several symptoms.

If you are not sure which product would be best, ask your doctor for a recommendation. You should also seek a proper diagnosis if you are not sure what is causing your symptoms.

Lid scrubs and cleaners are a safer alternative to cleaning your eyelids with shampoo or regular soap since they do not contain any irritating ingredients and contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial or hydrating agents.

These products can help with symptoms linked to clogged gland ducts, bacterial infections, or a Demodex mite infestation but remember that each formula has different ingredients and won’t address the same symptoms.

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