Sports require athleticism, coordination, and good vision. No matter how athletically inclined you are, an inability to see the ball is a surefire way to lose the big game. This is where sport glasses come into play as an extremely important piece of sports gear. Sports glasses are specially designed to be more durable than daily glasses to protect the eyes from sports related injuries. They also have lenses designed to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays and frames designed to be comfortable and securely fitting to stay on during sports.

Sports glasses are more safe

Sports glasses are designed to be extra durable to withstand the action of active sporting events. It is unsafe to wear glasses that are meant for everyday wear into a sporting event. Regular glasses are not made to withstand blows to the face, and breakage could expose the eyes to further injury from broken lenses and broken frames.

Sports glasses often also protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is especially important for those who play winter sports and sports on the water. These environments reflect UV rays, putting the eyes at a higher risk of damage.

Sports glasses frames

The type of frame that your sports glasses will have is based largely upon the sport that you will be using them for. Different sports require different types of frames in order to be comfortable and safe. For example, someone skiing and someone playing basketball will have vastly different wants and needs for their sport glasses. Your doctor will be able to advise on which frames are best suited for the sports that you play.

Are sports glasses prescription? 

Sports glasses are available in both prescription and nonprescription strength. For those who do not need prescription eyeglasses, sports glasses are a great way to protect your eyes from sports related injuries and harmful UV rays. For those who do require prescription eyeglasses, sports glasses with prescription lenses can protect your eyes while also providing you with the refractive error correction necessary to see your game clearly. Wearing your everyday glasses during sports is a risky move, it is much safer to invest in sports glasses that are specially made to withstand the strain that sports puts on your eyewear.

Sports glasses for kids

While youngsters may not be thrilled about wearing sports glasses, the increased safety for their eyes outweighs any hesitation they may have. Sports related eye injuries in children are common, and can often be prevented with sports glasses.

Whether you require refractive error correction or not, sports glasses can improve your game by improving your vision and protecting your eyes. And don’t you owe it to your teammates (and yourself) to play your very best? Your eye doctor can recommend the best lenses and frames for you based upon the sports that you play and your individual needs.