Warby Parker is an eyeglass company that is taking the world by storm. By providing extremely stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses at an affordable price while also giving back to communities in need, Warby Parker has made buying glasses easy, fun, and more meaningful. Warby Parker reading glasses can be purchased online, making them a real standout choice for the younger generation.

Buying glasses online

Traditionally, buying glasses has been something that is done in person, in an eye doctor’s office. Because they need to look good on your face and contain your prescription, buying them in person just seemed to make the most sense. That’s how it was before Warby Parker changed the game. They have perfected the art of online eyeglass shopping and have captured the business of young adults who prefer to do their shopping online.

How does it work?

While browsing their website, it is easy to add up to five pairs of glasses to your “at home try on” shopping cart. When you have selected five pairs, they are mailed to your house for free. You may keep the glasses for five days, and then you simply apply the pre-paid return label to the box and send them back. During the five days that you have them, you can try them on, take photos, show friends and family, wear them around town, and really get to know which ones you like best. This actually gives you more time to make an informed decision than buying glasses in a traditional store.

Once you have mailed back your samples, you can enter your prescription online and purchase your new glasses.

Giving back: glasses Warby Parker donates

Each month, Warby Parker makes a donation equivalent to the number of glasses that they’ve sold through their “buy a pair, give a pair” program. This donation trains men and women in developing countries to give eye exams and sell glasses in their own communities. This provides jobs, eyeglasses, and better eye care to these communities, improving their economy and quality of life.

Companies that sell glasses like Warby Parker online seem to be here to stay, as ecommerce becomes a preferred mode of consumerism for a large portion of society. A quick Google search for Warby Parker glasses review brings up mostly praise for the online giant. The glasses are affordable, give back, look good, and are convenient to purchase.  Even though buying glasses is possible online, even Warby Parker understands that the look and feel of eyeglasses is personal and have been opening brick and mortar shops throughout the US.

While online shopping for something as important as eyeglasses certainly isn’t for everyone, it is worth considering the option when shopping around for your next pair of glasses.